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Duke University's Fuqua School of Business Master of Management in Clinical Informatics Program

1 Towerview Drive
Suite E167
Durham, NC 27708


The Master of Management in Clinical Informatics is a one-year residency program designed to:

* Train informaticians and health professionals to thoughtfully apply technology in order to improve the performance of providers, payers and regulators; to enhance patient care; and to promote the translation of scientific discovery into clinical practice.

* Provide insight into the interaction and interdependencies of informatics, advanced analytics, process improvement methodology, and business management principles.

* Hone functional skills and the ability to think strategically in a global business environment, allowing the immediate application of new-won knowledge and skills.
* Enhance opportunities for professional roles in a variety of health arenas, from payer and health systems to biomedical research and development.

* Assist in building a network of national and global contacts.


* Offered over four six-week terms, the Master of Management in Clinical Informatics is based on an interdisciplinary curriculum that draws from clinical sciences, management sciences, and information sciences. All courses are taught by Fuqua faculty.

* Curriculum requirements include seven management courses and five information technology courses, including an applied practicum at Duke Health Technology Solutions or in a similar environment within Duke Medicine.

* As part of their learning experience, students have opportunities to interact with their peers in other Duke programs, for example MBA and Master of Science in Clinical Research students, as well as with members of the health care industry.

* The Management in Clinical Informatics program is administered by Fuqua’s Health Sector Management program, one of the top such programs in the world. An advisory board representing Fuqua and the Duke University Health System will oversee the program.

* The Master of Management in Clinical Informatics is a professional degree that is not equivalent to a traditional MBA degree. However, the degree could easily be complemented by a full executive MBA at a later point.


* The Master of Management in Clinical Informatics curriculum is a 10-month program made up of 12 required courses, offered over four six-week terms, i.e. three courses per term. The four terms mirror the Fuqua terms – Fall I, Fall II, Spring I, and Spring II.

* Each course represents three credits, for a total of 36 credits, and will meet twice a week for 2.25 hours, or 27 contact hours per class.

* Health Care in the 21st Century. The MMCi program begins with this preterm course which provides a detailed overview of the health care system's segments and stakeholders, analyzes the industry's evolution, and addresses likely changes within the sector during the next century. This required course will be offered in late August just prior to commencement of classes in September. *

* All students will be required to complete a non-credit ethics seminar that will run throughout the year.

* There are no elective courses, and no exemptions or substitutions are permitted.

* Additionally, during this pre-term period, MMCi students will be doing Orientation activities and team-building exercises, and will start Career Planning work. Preterm is tentatively planned for the week of August 30th, with classes starting Monday, September 6, 2010.

Specific Course Descriptions Available Here:

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